Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And Speaking of Being Green...

...here’s something to give to Climate Change apologists who claim that recent weather variations are just part of a natural cycle; in the last 800,000 years the earth hasn’t seen anything like the current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, nor the rate of increase which we are currently experiencing.

We are generating the excess CO2 and we are going to suffer for it unless we take action right now.

Only other thing of interest was an article I found looking at how the World Trade Centre attacks affected the US. I was especially curious about the presidential approval ratings; it looks like Bush’s popularity had been sliding pretty much from the day he took office but he got a huge boost from the national unity that followed 9/11. I wonder, had he not received that swell of popular support following the attacks, whether he would have been able to keep his numbers over 50% in November 2004. If Al-Qaida hadn’t attacked in 2001, would George Bush have won a second term in office? If they hadn’t/he didn’t, there would have been no Global War on Terror and probably no Iraq invasion either and ‘the West’ would have been a much happier place for members of the Muslim faith… Now that is a ‘what-if’ that could keep the pundits debating for years!

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