Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So far it’s been a good week; work has been busy and engaging but not especially stressful (long may that continue!)

Monday evening was a new intake evening for the Chorus, so I was down there ready to process all the new guys. Usually I take the photos and enter their details into the membership database. This time though Crouch-End Johnny made the mistake of asking if he could do anything to help and so promptly got set to transcribing the membership forms into the database, which is the bit of the job I hate.

The intake part of the evening was finished by break but, having skipped the first half of the rehearsal I wasn’t feeling especially energised, so Brett and I ducked out and came home.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings have been taken up by the follow-up admin to the new intake. As the SysAdmin of the Chorus’ message boards, I have to write to all the new guys, get them to confirm their email address is correct and then send them invites to join the boards. Apart from the odd mail-merge, it’s a fairly manual process so it will keep me busy on-and-off for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow night I’m out with work, hopefully going bowling, but probably having a beer or two as well to wish farewell to a temp who has been with us through the summer as he leaves to start university. Then on Friday night a group of us are going to see the second of the LGMC’s Small Group shows at the Theatre Museum. I attended the last one and thoroughly enjoyed it (and yet, bizarrely, one of the group seems to be no longer talking to me since he feels I damned his performance by not falling in love with him as a result of it. Yes, seriously!) Ah well, that’s life.

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