Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend Anticipation

Coming back to work after the four hectic days of the Turin trip wasn’t quite as bad as I’d feared. I was weary, but everything was under control at work, so I didn’t get too stressed out. I spent Thursday catching up on emails and discussing backup strategies with Gaetan.

Brett was at an all-day programmers’ conference and didn’t get back until quite late so my evening was spent watching TV and doing laundry and Chorus/Yahoo stuff.

Today has been pretty much all about video conferencing. For some time, I have been struggling with trying to make our systems publicly available over the Internet and before I went to Turin I’d made a bit of a breakthrough and finally got our kit talking to the test system through a firewall. When I tried to do it again today I’d lost the audio channel in one direction for no readily apparent reason. All the tweaking and teasing I could think of made no difference and wasn’t helped by having to reboot the ADSL router I was using for my ‘external’ VC device every time I needed to make a call.

In the end I shelved it until next week, by which time I’ll have had a window to reboot the corporate firewall to commit some further tweaks that may do the trick.

Spent this evening doing more mucking about with instant messaging systems. Having brought a top-notch webcam home from work though, no-one was around to set up a call with. I managed to broadcast the camera to John G in Leeds, who reckoned it was the best picture he’s seen from a webcam, but that was about it. Chris C (The Texan brother-in-law) was also trying out new stuff and instant messaging me through his phone which was pretty neat, however when I looked into the service at this end it looked like an excuse for MSN/Orange to drain my bank account one smiley at a time, so I left him to it!

Looking forward to a peaceful weekend now though; an unhurried few days of domestrivia is just what I need after the dashing to-and-fro of recent weeks!

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