Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

After feeling pretty listless yesterday, today perked me up considerably; I had a good day at work, making some progress on a problem that’s been dogging me for months and then this evening’s Chorus rehearsal was considerably more successful than I’d feared. I actually came away in very good spirits. Maybe we will shine in Turin after all!

Whether we shine or not, we’ll certainly be easily visible:

Tonight we received our Tour t-shirts, which are notable for two reasons. Firstly they have an old Italian saying as part of the logo which reads, “chi di verde si veste, di beltà sua si fida.” This translates roughly to “he who wears green is certain of their beauty.” I am sure it’s really referring to inner beauty (after all, the shade of green in question is not going to be flattering to most people) but on a gang of gay men I fear it will be too easy to interpret as “he who wears green fancies himself rotten.” Nothing like proving stereotypes wrong right!

So, yes, the t-shirts are green (which is the second thing!) The colour scheme of the shirt reflects the Italian flag, as there is orange and white involved in the logo also, but the shirt itself is green. I can only hope that the majority of people we encounter on the trip have never been to the UK in mid-March because, wearing these t-shirts, the Chorus looks like nothing so much as a St. Patrick’s Day pub-crawl waiting to happen.

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