Friday, September 29, 2006

A 'Lost' Cause

So we’re off to the Lake District again tomorrow; it’s our bi-annual visit/walking holiday with the parents and a group of their friends but the forecast is for heavy rain in the area. I think we may get there and then chicken out… Although next time I hope to encourage some of our friends to come along too, which will make it all the more sociable regardless of if we trek or not.

Having spent the entire evening watching TV again tonight, I’m feeling especially guilty about wasting my life, so I should try and get up the mountain regardless of the weather.

Typically, having written my bit yesterday about how everyone is going to lose interest in Lost because of the lack of narrative closure, Brett told me tonight that he couldn’t get to sleep last night for thinking about the new scenarios the last episode had opened up…

He is a totally lost cause.

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czechOUT said...

I "lost" my way some time back around the middle of season 2. I just realise I couldn't be bothered to keep track of what was happening-and that surely there was more to life.

The L Word is so much more straightforward, I find!