Sunday, September 24, 2006

Walk The Dog

Not much to show for the weekend really. Saturday I spent on the sofa either watching TV or surfing. Rosie came over for the day and ended up spending the night in the spare room. Brett had dinner with his US blogger-buddy, Chris, and got a last minute ticket to see We Will Rock You with him. Rosie and I stayed home, ate Indian and watched The Godfather on DVD.

Today was a late start, but we headed into town for lunch and then did some driving around southeast London looking at cheap neighbourhoods where we might want to live; ranging from Crystal Palace to Lewisham to Peckham, Herne Hill and home via Streatham. So far the only place that looked a bit too run-down was Peckham – and even that I would consider if it was cheap enough. We shall see.

This evening we were meeting Ping for dinner and a movie. In the end the film schedules meant we did the movie first and ate afterwards. Children of Men is well-made, if a little slow-moving, but it’s quite an engrossing movie; sadly believable on a number of fronts.

Over dinner we did some good catching up with Ping. He was been to Paris since we got back from Turin and seems to be getting along well with a man he knows there – so much so that he’s coming along on Ping’s birthday trip next month. That should be interesting, albeit potentially intimidating for the beau. That said, it sounds like the atmosphere at the place could be pretty mellow, so maybe we’ll be too relaxed to interrogate him much.

There was also a certain amount of discussion about sex fetishes and kinks over dinner and I must admit that Brett and I messed with his head rather shamelessly. Ping is so sweet when he blushes!

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