Tuesday, September 05, 2006


As I sat on my bike at a road junction this morning, waiting for a traffic light to change, I reflected momentarily that a week ago at that time I’d been breakfasting by the pool in the peaceful morning sunlight of Sitges. The contrast between that and the Tuesday traffic through Vauxhall Cross was sharp and I once again cursed my bad luck for having missed out on most of the time we’d had there; a definite feeling of being short-changed. So, just like last year, I find myself saying, “next year we’ll have more fun; we’ll go and enjoy the beaches and muck about in the sea instead of just sitting by the pool!”

Oh well.

I suppose it’s good to have something to aim for…

Today was definitely another day of “I need a holiday!”

After yesterday’s successes, I got brought back down to earth with a bump as a task which usually would only take half an hour or so, Murphied itself into consuming my entire day – and a portion of the evening. After all that, I am more than ready to commit GBH on any Microsoft employees that happen to cross my path in the next day or so, as a large portion of that time consumption resulted from a barely-documented change they have made to the way their email server works. Worse yet, I have more time to spend on the problem tomorrow as tonight I discovered that the documentation that does exist isn’t entirely correct! Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!


…And breath…

…And relax.

Brett is off networking with ‘Extreme Programmers’ tonight. It all sounds terribly nerdy, but then, who am I to mock? Especially if it helps him find something he can earn a living from while actually enjoying himself! In his absence though, I think I shall take advantage of my IM client and go and chat with some of my many neglected friends!

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