Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Say, Wouldn't You Like To Know What's Going On In My Mind?

As ever, the weekend was way too short; there was so much more ‘nothing’ waiting to be done, if only I’d had the time. Hmm.

So far the week hasn’t proved spectacular; Monday was the usual drive to get pro-active things done against a tide of reactive demands being made on my time. The Chorus rehearsal in the evening was enjoyable; we had a session of the new vocal coaching workshop before launching into learning those two old Christmas favourites, Hey Big Spender and Come Fly With Me. (I have since discovered that they are the ‘swinging’ bit of our ‘Swinging Christmas’ repertoire which, it also turns out, has nothing to do with putting everyone’s car keys in a bowl at the Christmas Party... Doh!)

Crouch End Johnny and Rich C were all excited about having put in an offer on a house in Bexley. So long as John can sell his existing flat quickly all should be well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the dog-eat-dog London property market is kind to them.

Despite an enjoyable afternoon ‘area-surfing’ on Sunday, I fear our own house-buying activities are all pretty academic until Brett finds himself another job. He wants to work for himself but needs to build both the skills and the client-base for that before it can become his main income and I doubt that he can do enough of that on just the (roughly) three months’ worth of money he has left in the bank. Another job is needed as a stop-gap while he builds up the resources to work for himself and, ideally, that job is needed sooner rather than later!

Today at work was a bit more interesting; trying to organise a video conference over the Internet with some potential clients in India and then onto a site visit to another company’s offices to have a look at some enterprise-class voice-over-IP technologies and also a little bit more time to play with the new tech that we are going to be implementing shortly.

Oh, yes, and then there was The Banana Protector. Check out this entry on my photoblog for something that kept us amused for a disproportionate amount of time!

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