Monday, April 24, 2006

Cabin Fever Again

Bah. Sick as a pig.

OK, not as bad as yesterday, but still hardly on top form.

The doctor reckons it’s “some kind of virus” (which I recall someone, probably Bruce, telling me that’s what medicos say when they don’t know what it is) and so I just have to wait it out; get plenty of rest, try to keep sipping fresh water to stop me dehydrating and wait for my appetite and energy to come back.

I took the day off work and watched TV and surfed the net in between naps. Already I’m getting cabin fever; while I’m weak and feeble and tired a lot of the time, I’m quite alert, if not terribly active, the rest of the time and daytime TV sucks badly. Tivo only helps so much – I’ve already watched everything on it that I’m likely to watch. I’m not really up to watching a whole movie and there is only so much episodic TV I can watch on DVD in one go.

I was glad when Brett got home for a bit of human contact, although he immediately cooked some pasta which had me simultaneously salivating and nauseous. I really wasn’t up to going to Chorus tonight, so I started watching some of the shows Brett has downloaded, then switched to Sky Travel to watch ‘Cruise Ship’ and then back to E4 for a bit of ‘Cruel Intentions’.

I can’t believe I’m listing the TV shows I’ve watched. That’s how boring the day has been. And now the internet has packed-up too!

Just not my day.

Let’s hope tomorrow gets better.

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