Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Tired Little Teddy Bear

Not much to report today. After a late night last night (because I was reading until 1am) and then Brett having to get up 4:30am, I didn’t really get much sleep and was pretty useless at work.

I did get an email from Nic C, the Chorus’ Marketing and PR guy letting me know that my offer to do a video diary project for the BBC had been taken up. I should be hearing from them tomorrow about getting hold of the kit and then I just have to film lots of footage relevant to me, joining the chorus, meeting Brett and what I/we get out of it. It gets professionally edited and published on their website and may be broadcast on BBC London. My grandiose plans were somewhat throttled back though when I discovered that the final piece will only be about four minutes long…

Had a Chorus rehearsal tonight (because Monday (yesterday) was a Bank Holiday) and it all went fairly well, although there’s suddenly more movement being introduced into a couple of songs for no apparent reason. Actually no, I think I can see the reason; I can imagine the Artistic Director listening to the rehearsal tape of one song and thinking; “That’s an awfully long and dull piece, what can we do to break it up…? I know, let’s have everyone suddenly turn sideways to the audience halfway through!”

No reason for it. No follow-through into anything. Just halfway through, we all turn slightly. And that’s to say nothing of endless head-nodding suddenly included in Teddy Bears’ Picnic! I sure hope it looks good from the front because it feels bloody daft to be doing it.

Bah, humbug! Off to bed.

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