Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eternal Flame

Oh dear; Tuesday already. Doesn’t time fly when you’re not paying attention!

Did a bit of everything yesterday; some housework, some Chorus stuff, some geeky stuff. The Chorus stuff started in the morning with two of our longer-standing members continuing a bitch-slapping session they had started online over the weekend. As they were doing it on a forum which is deliberately ‘un-moderated’ I let them go at it and, sure enough, over the course of the day the number of emails from ordinary members telling them to ‘get over it’ mounted up. I found it all rather entertaining to be honest. Today hasn’t seen a resumption of hostilities though so I can only assume that they are either going to pursue it more formally through the Chorus’ Code of Conduct, or perhaps this morning they have woken up to the remembrance that they are adults, rather than children in a playground. Who knows?

The Chorus rehearsal in the evening was great fun. Because I wasn’t at work, I got to Camden early enough to have dinner with John W, Rich C, David S & Paul L – a thing which was a regular occurrence before my hours changed. Tonight we were doing choreography for ‘Back in Business’ and it all went fairly smoothly; we got the whole thing in the bag before break. After break there was a twenty-minute discussion about the Choir of the Year competition. This resulted in the decision that we wouldn’t participate after all. Lots of people felt we should do it, but not nearly enough actually could/would do it. We rounded-off the night revising the choreography for the other two numbers; Keep it Gay and All Girl Band, both of which polished-up fairly quickly.

Today is the anniversary of Simon’s death, so I’ll be lighting a candle for him somewhere later on, but today is mostly going to be a continuation of yesterday’s geeky stuff; I’ve set up a virtual server on my desktop machine so that I can muck around with Release 2 of Windows Server 2003. I’ve been meaning to get around to evaluating it for weeks at work, but now I can spend all day at it (and all night if I wish!) After that I might try some of the security tools I picked up following the course I was on in January.

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