Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nearly Human Again

Well, I woke with a clear head and increasingly large gulps of water didn’t seem to affect things. By lunchtime I was ready to try some soup and by teatime I was gulping down left-over pasta. Still a bit lacking in stamina though, so I’m perfectly placed to over-exert myself tomorrow and be back in bed on Thursday.

Ah, no, wait! That’s where intelligence is supposed to kick-in and make me take it easy tomorrow. Hmm… Need to do work (no doubt lots of stuff to catch up on after two days unplanned leave!) then go on to Chorus (for the Dress Rehearsal – need to get costumes sorted tomorrow morning) where I also have to film the video diary (which I was planning to do on Monday and use Wednesday for any shots I missed then.) Hah! A mere trifle for a man of my intelligence stupidity commitment.

… Found myself looking at the cost of camcorders and digital video editing software in a quiet moment today. (No, stop it! You need to save money!)

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