Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Who Shall We Nuke Today?

Okay, so I haven’t posted for a while, but to be honest, I’ve had nothing much to say; lunch with John on Thursday was pleasant, Brett came home on Friday and we snuggled lots, Saturday was an all-day rehearsal with the Chorus, which went very well, on Sunday we lazed the day away, Monday was back to work (Boo!) but was otherwise okay and ended with another good rehearsal. Then today was Tuesday!

Had a chuckle yesterday though; listening to the news on the radio about George Bush dismissing as ‘wild speculation’ reports that he is planning a nuclear attack on Iran. It just struck me that calling something ‘wild speculation’ doesn’t actually say anything about the truth of the claim. While I imagine that the tacticians at the Pentagon have got some kind of a plan for just about any eventuality, no matter how unlikely, filed away somewhere ready for a President to ask for it, I still find it rather worrying that President Bush couldn’t just come out and say “No, I’m not planning to nuke Iran.” It isn’t really that hard to say, even if you do like to ‘keep all the options on the table’, because surely only a madman would do such a thing. Surely! No?

Also been browsing some of my bookmarked blogs in search of some excitement and, sure enough, Mark Maness managed to provide some in his own inimitable style. If you have problems with your blood-pressure or any stress issues, I recommend you do not read his posting here about the causes of homosexuality…

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