Sunday, April 23, 2006

Up Again - Down Again

Well; quite a weekend. It wasn’t Thursday’s sore throat that got me in the end; it was that possibly-migraine nausea/headache/fatigue that killed me off. Saturday was a good, if relatively lazy day. We booked flights to Dallas for Thanksgiving, planned our break in Turin with the Chorus in September, and I spent a few hours working on my video-narrating skills for the Video Nation diary I’m making about the Chorus. We finished up by going to XXL (a gay club) near London Bridge. It was a regular haunt of Brett’s in the days before he met me but this was my first time there. As gay clubs go (in my admittedly limited experience) XXL is pretty decent though and I could see myself going back there.

We were really there to give Owen a bit of moral support; his new boyfriend is quite the clubber and it’s a bit of shock to his system I think. That said, my initial impressions of Jonathan (the b/f) are good and there definitely seems to be a connection between the two of them.

Anyway, in the end we didn’t really stay late; catching the 01:06 train home again after a pleasant evening.

This morning though, I was rather disturbed to find that I had a hangover! I know my alcohol tolerance is low, but I’d only had a cocktail and two cans of Red Stripe all evening! As the day progressed though, the hangover got worse instead of better and I finally deduced that it was probably the nameless ailment I’ve suffered from periodically for the last year. I took one of the migraine pills that the doctor had prescribed last time but I think by then it was too late for it to take any effect. (In fact unless it is absorbed through the stomach lining fairly quickly, I doubt it had a chance as I threw-up about half-an-hour after taking it…)

So it’s nil-by-mouth for me tonight and lots of rest. I’ll try and get a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and see if she has any more ideas. I just hope it is short-lived this time around though because, apart from feeling like death-warmed-up, there’s an important Chorus rehearsal tomorrow night and also supposed to be filming my video diary there…

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