Sunday, April 02, 2006

Preparation is Everything

The Choir of the Year competition looks likes it’s going to be troublesome; I attended the polishing rehearsal on Thursday night along with only twenty others. It had to be one of the more productive rehearsals I’ve been to recently, but we really needed more people. The issue seems to be the topic of conversation in the Chorus at the moment; whether enough people will commit, whether there’s been enough notice for everyone, whether we should book a bus to get to the venue, whether we can be ready in time…

Well, there certainly hasn’t been enough notice or preparation for us to take part in a major competition. Two rehearsals, squeezed in separately from the main Monday night rehearsals? People have other commitments in their lives. An out of town venue, with no organised transport or expenses paid? Not everyone has a car or the means to travel. It’s a last-minute rushed job that certainly shouldn’t be.

I hope we can get a decent-sized group together. I hope we can get the sound together in time. But it shouldn’t be such a last-minute, burning-the-midnight-oil venture. There’s only so much you should have to give to your ‘hobby’!

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