Wednesday, April 05, 2006


More domestrivia today. Didn’t do much; planned lunch with John W for tomorrow then went down to Wimbledon. Today's lunch was at Quiznos (the place in town that advertises a US free-phone number on its napkins for customer service – but then as Brett said; they probably don’t really care what we think anyway) where they do a rather tasty toasted club sandwich. Put my wristwatch in to get a new battery fitted and went and had a coffee and read while that was happening. (After a brief diversion with The Cuckoo’s Egg, I’m back working my way through my teenage library; at the moment it’s Neuromancer, the William Gibson cyberpunk classic)

This afternoon was more housework and some blog surfing. I added a couple of entries (1, 2) to my photoblog. I also had an entertaining diversion courtesy of Zefrog who introduced me to a new blog written by another member of the Chorus and then made me try and guess the identity of the writer. After a careful reading of said blog and some deductive reasoning, I attributed it to completely the wrong person. Ah well,

Tonight I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, with a persistent headache so have watched some TV and done some more reading. I think I’m getting tired of the ‘doing nothing all day’ holiday and will probably plan my remaining days a bit more thoroughly.

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