Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lazy Days

Okay, so I’m a little bit late with this thought, but Brokeback Mountain was totally robbed not getting the Best Picture Oscar this year. This afternoon after a very pleasant lunch, we sat down to watch the DVD of Crash. Yes, it was good, but it reminded me of similar films before it and it wasn’t really that great. So maybe I’m invested in the whole gay thing, but then again, if I’m going to sit down to watch 90 minutes of people dealing with difficult issues I’d rather it at least had some kind of a storyline and nice scenery…

Apart from that it’s been a good day; I got to do the good housewife thing again and enjoyed cooking lunch for us, Rosie and Andy. They brought a couple of Easter Eggs for us, so we are now loaded down with chocolate, and after dinner we watched movies; Nanny McPhee, Crash and then the extra features on the Rent DVD.

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