Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Wash-Out

Well, as expected, I was pretty washed-out all day. Even the walk to and from the train left me tired. By 3pm I was ready for a nap but alas there are no dormitories at work, so I fumbled my way through the rest of the day and was pathetically grateful when 6:30 rolled around and I could get into a cab to the rehearsal..

I decided this morning that I wasn’t actually going to join in the rehearsal tonight; three hours of singing and dancing would probably kill me. Instead I just sat at the front and filmed bits of it for the video diary. (Now that there’s no real chance of getting it finished before the show, I can relax a bit and make sure I’ve got all the shots and audio I want.)

It was actually quite inspiring to hear the chorus from the audience’s perspective for once; normally you only really hear and concentrate on your own voice-part but to hear the whole Chorus in full voice was really impressive and gave me a great positive feel for Saturday… although I now feel I need Friday’s rehearsal all the more because I’ve missed two of the key rehearsals for the show.

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