Sunday, November 05, 2006

Catch Up

Well a quick recap; I liked Glasgow. I’ve never really been to the city centre before and there’s lots of lovely architecture, both old and new, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I’m looking forward to going back there at the end of the month. It was a long day though…

Friday was hectic as I oversaw the final preparations for sixty of our staff to move to a new office across the road from our London base on Monday; lots of things left to the last minute. Not good.

On Saturday I went out and bought myself a new camera. Having been trying things out with my trusty old Fuji FinePix over the last few days, I’d been realising how limited it was for doing much more than producing quality holiday snaps. If I want to do more stylish stuff I’ll need better kit, so I took the first step by splashing out on a Nikon D80 digital SLR.

The rest of Saturday was spent being very geeky, reading the manual and irritating Brett by constantly shoving a lens in his face as I tried out the camera’s different features.

He was a good sport about it though and even allowed himself to be dug out of bed at 6:30am on Sunday to act as a model for me to shoot in the early morning mists on Wimbledon Common. You can see a few of the experiments here.

After breakfast though, I was off to North London (15 miles north, according to the TomTom!) for the first Chorus choreography rehearsal for the Christmas show. It was a long day, but it all seems fairly straightforward, plus I am enjoying all the songs, so it was a good day too.

This evening we headed over to Rosies for dinner and to watch the fireworks around London from the vantage of her seventh floor flat.

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