Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shopping and Scenery

Lunch with the two brothers today and then off to the mall to do some shopping. Managed to replenish my wardrobe nicely and pick up a Leatherman tool to replace the Swiss Army Knife I lost to airport security on the way to Turin. This evening Brett and I headed out to see if I could get a good cityscape of the nighttime Dallas skyline.

We couldn’t find an especially good vantage for the close ups and I didn’t have a good enough lens for the long-shot, so none of them are publishable but they’ll do well enough for the photoblog and you can see them here.

Brett was rather melancholy over dinner. I know he’s feeling pretty anxious about his job situation and coming home and seeing all the family seems to have thrown that into sharp relief. We talked it over some, but I don’t know that I was really able to help him at all. I’ll just keep being there for him, for whatever he needs me.

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