Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Willow Pattern

Another very early morning for me and I’ve napped intermittently today. I think my sleeping pattern is well and truly f**ked so getting back to the UK is going to be interesting.

We went to see Casino Royale with Ali this afternoon. It’s every bit as good as the reviews say; Daniel Craig is a very believable James Bond and there weren’t excessive unlikely gadgets and no massive underground lair for the evil bad guy. Plus they really show off his physique…

This evening all of the siblings came over and we had dinner and played poker. There was something of a time travel effect over the table it seemed, watching Brett and Steve (his elder brother) interact. They could have been teenagers again. Brett and I split the pot in the end, which surprised me.

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Omni said...

I'm holding off on seeing that movie; I still miss Roger Moore.