Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Week Goes By

And so I have time to blog again. I’m in another airport departure lounge, this time en route to Glasgow to connect up all the IT for our new office there. Dallas already feels like a world away.

I didn’t sleep at all on the flight back from the States and spent most of it lurking on the jumpseats outside the galley reading. We made it back to Wimbledon in reasonable time, albeit with a stop-off for a McDonalds breakfast somewhere around Sutton. I then changed my shirt and trekked in to work. Apart from a little drowsiness around 3pm (which to be honest isn’t unusual…) I didn’t notice any jetlag at all.

The Chorus rehearsal in the evening went well. I had been apprehensive going into it as I’ve missed about eight hours of rehearsal because of going to Dallas, but it turned out I was as competent as many in our section and, with a little while plugged-in to the rehearsal MP3s, I should be fine.

Tuesday and Wednesday were in much the same vein; work wasn’t too stressful and the evenings were spent at home shifting junk to make way for my sister, who’s moving back in with us this weekend.

The other thing of note was that, at our Monday catch-up meeting, my boss offered me his job. He is off to form a new business unit within the company so I was given first refusal at his current job. Initially I was disinclined to take it but on reflection I felt that it had more pros than cons and so yesterday I accepted. Details are still to be agreed, as Sid’s move forms part of a larger restructuring of the company, but I think this will shake things up a little which is a good thing.

In the meantime I get to spend the weekend in Glasgow. Thursday and Friday will be work, as I assemble the IT infrastructure of our new office, but Brett is coming up to join me tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get the weekend off to explore the city and its surroundings with him.

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