Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last Days in Dallas

So Friday was pretty much as expected. The highlight of the day for me was Brett’s nephew Joshua, who has just finished his first year at university, teaching him how the ‘cool kids’ talk. Josh and his sister Katherine hadn’t been there on Thursday so Donna wanted photographs of them too. Brett then suggested a whole family picture which seemed like a good idea. Everyone trooped out onto the front lawn and I rather stupidly didn’t make any attempt to arrange them properly so the picture is a bit messy, with gaps in it and you can barely see Stephen, but Donna at least claimed to be enchanted with it…

There had been talk of going to the local arboretum on Saturday but in the end that didn’t happen. We spent an hour at White Rock Lake, a local beauty spot, for me to take some pictures and I think I got a pretty good one of fishermen on a pier in front of lots of autumnal colours. It could be my first saleable stock photo.

We had lunch at the restaurant owned by Kevin and Chris (Gay Dad) and then hung out with them for the afternoon. Chris very tolerantly spent a while on top of some multi-story car parks with me to see if I could get a picture of the evening sky behind a couple of skyscrapers which reflect the sunset, but unfortunately there was too much low cloud so the picture just didn’t happen the way it had on Monday (when the sky had been clear but I hadn’t had my camera with me.) Back at their place we had another game of Catan before heading out for dinner and drinks; a very pleasant evening.

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