Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flight of the Zombies

Had a good day yesterday; slept until ten and then meandered our way up to Islington to see a matinee of Simon S’s current show Schwartz Stories. It’s a kind of review show (he wrote Godspell and Wicked, amongst others) but linked together by a simple narrative, so there was some basic story being illustrated by the songs to keep those of us who didn’t know his music from getting bored. They were generally good performers too.

We are a pair of zombies this morning though. I haven’t slept well lately and last night was no exception; not letting go until around two-ish. Brett has been gradually slipping into nocturnality for months anyway, so he didn’t come to bed until I was already asleep. An alarm at 05:30 was a rude awaking.

I think it says something good about our relationship that we can actually function together at these times: I am notoriously irritable when overtired and don’t suffer fools (or indeed anyone at all!) gladly, but after much fumbling around the flat to complete final preparations, we left more or less on time and arrived at the airport on schedule.

We’re flying on a 777 and there were no good seats left in Economy, so I took a risk on good weather and chose a window seat as I have my camera in my bag. The flight is delayed though so we are still at the gate.

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