Friday, November 17, 2006

Random Thoughts

Today is the last day at work today before a week off in the US. I am absolutely ready for a break although I’m not sure that a week will be long enough. Still, it’s better than not.

I think I’ll spend some of the time over there amusing myself with my camera; I want to build up a body of stock photos ahead of signing up to one of the websites that markets them for amateur and semi-pro photographers.

Ping dropped by the office yesterday, as he was doing some Christmas shopping at the Oxo Tower (not far from my office,) and I managed to escape for a few minutes for a smoothie with him at Eat, so we got a chance to catch up some. He also said I’d be able to use his flat as a studio should I ever need one. (He has a very modern, white-minimalist flat in Notting Hill with plenty of daylight – ideal conditions!)

Since Wednesday I’ve been temporarily based in our new overflow office, largely at the insistence of one the senior consultants over there so I can ‘feel their pain’ at the network which is so slow (actually it isn’t; it turns out it’s his computer) and at the phone system which is crap (it isn’t either, but it certainly feels like it is because of the number of problems we’ve been having getting it to talk to the world through our mani exchange…) For some reason, through most of Wednesday, I had the words of ‘I Wish I Could Go Back To College’ (yes, from Avenue Q) running through my head.

…Life was so simple back then…

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