Monday, November 20, 2006

To North Park Mall And Back And Back

One of the things I like about America is that so many things are open twenty-four hours a day. Even in London you’ll struggle to find a 24-hour café or supermarket yet here, when you wake up at 05:30 you can head out to the Waffle House and get breakfast with a bottomless cup of coffee (another thing I like!)

Even better is that, because I’m on holiday in a foreign country, many of the things that would put me off a café back home become charming cultural attributes. So I can sit in the shabby booth and eat my meal with cutlery I’ve had to clean up with my napkin and enjoy it all as part of the ambiance. Crazy, huh?

Spent the morning on the sofa mucking about with domain names and cheap business card printers to sell myself as a photographer a little more professionally. It’s not bad that you can get a couple of hundred colour business cards on reasonable quality card for less than ten quid.

The rest of the day was just eating and shopping and looking after nephews and nieces.

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