Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...And We All Sing Along Like Before.

Well, work wasn’t as much of a struggle today, although I’m still finding it hard to muster much enthusiasm. It’s been quite a busy day, I suppose; lots of small stuff to keep track of and deal with.

Brett’s at a Chorus meeting tonight. I’ve been watching the DVD of You’ll Do For Now, our show last summer, which was distributed at last night’s rehearsal. The recording is actually pretty poor, being done by a domestic video camera from the rear of the balcony and without an audio feed from the venue’s sound system. Nevertheless just seeing and hearing it again brings back a great swell of nostalgia and pride.

Other than that, not much happening today.

I have lunch with my sister tomorrow, so that should be fun, and then a Chorus new-intake evening tomorrow evening.

Now watching Celebrity Big Brother, keeping an eye on Rula. Watching them all nominate for the first time and bitch about each other; same old format then…

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