Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chorus, Chorus Everywhere and not a Note Was Sung

Today I slept late but it didn’t seem to help; still a zombie when I finally woke up. Most of my time since has been spent on Chorus stuff; there was a change in how the main mailing list works agreed by the Steering Committee last week which I implemented today and inevitably generated feedback from the members. Also I needed to start getting last Wednesday’s new members into the system, so there was lots of database and mail-merge work as well.

Somewhere along the line Brett and I both took our bikes up into the village to get the chains sorted (Last month, somebody moved our bikes out from the alcove under the stairs around the side of the house and left them exposed to the weather over Christmas and New Year. As a result, my chain was virtually rusted solid when I came back to it last week.) To be honest I was quite glad to have the excuse to get a new chain, as the old one had been playing up.

On Thursday, you may recall I mentioned our picture in the Pink Paper; well it turns out that in my narcissism, I’d missed two mentions of the Chorus too. On the front page was a big picture of Rula with several choristers, including Mark G, Chris M & Russell E and then inside, the Chorus was voted ‘Best Social or Sport Group of the Year’ by the readers! I’ve copied the relevant photos onto my photoblog here.

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