Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Going Downhill

Oh and my day was going so well…

Had a relaxed morning, did the packing without much fuss and then Susan came over and we went over to the restaurant for lunch with Donna, Susan, Chris, Carter and one of Chris’ friends, Rhonda, and her children. I had a lovely steak sandwich, salad and tiramisu and then set off for the airport.

Just take for granted that I’m in a grump now; it started with paying $3 for a luggage trolley and went down hill fast after the (otherwise very friendly and helpful) check-in lady said we had to UNlock our bags for security reasons. What kind of security is that?? If someone’s going to manually search my bag, I want to be present – in which case I can unlock the case for them. If it’s not going to be searched both I (and my insurer!) would feel a lot more secure if the case is locked all the time it is out of my sight!

And the wireless access isn’t working either.

[Expletives deleted.]

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