Saturday, January 21, 2006


After the emotional boil-over on Wednesday night I didn’t sleep very well and so was in a pretty foul mood going into work on Thursday. The ongoing problem with our archive server didn’t help. Murphy’s Law was still operating at full strength resulting in a crucial piece of software crashing just as data was being written back to the server from tape (after a three-hour lead time!) and a second array of disks I’d intended to use not being recognisable to the server without deleting and rebuilding the system!

I had phonecalls from Ping and my sister during the day and fear I was fairly uncharitable to both of them – although Ping did get a lunch date out of me for Friday. For once, though, the day got better and by the end of it we were on a reasonably firm footing with the problem server. I still left the office with a great sigh of relief though.

Thursday night is Ceilidh night and I, very much in two minds about it, dragged myself along to Angel, force-feeding myself two disgusting cereal bars en route to avoid passing out from low blood-sugar levels as soon as I started dancing. As is usually the case with Choir at moments like these, no matter how much I don’t feel like going, I invariably enjoy it tremendously and come away feeling refreshed and cheerful again. Thus it was tonight.

An added surprise was Ping being there; he had spoken of coming along but I had somehow blanked it out of my mind until I saw him. He enjoyed himself apparently and will be coming back next week, despite his observation that the dancing took more out of him than his workout at the gym. (I really must go along to the gym with him sometime, as his gym seems to be far more social and far less effort than any of the ones I have ever been to.) After the session, we all went along to Hamburger Union again and I finally got rid of the taste of the cereal bars with a delicious burger.

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