Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Semi called Ponderosa

The flight home was fairly painless; timely departure, decent chicken and rice meal followed by a tasty chocolate cheesecake. We watched the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice (Brett got choked up at times – he is so sweet when that happens) and then we tried to get some sleep. I didn’t sleep terribly soundly, but somehow I lost three hours and suddenly they were turning on the lights and wheeling breakfast trolleys around.

On the ground things went smoothly, although Brett had to wait for about twenty minutes in the queue at immigration. (I’m trying to remember why we wanted to get the Indefinite Leave To Remain… now that he has it, it seems only to save you some minor paperwork every couple of years but doesn’t give you any practical benefits when trying to get into the country.)

The car was waiting for us and got us back to Wimbledon in reasonable time and we’re now listening to the recording of our Christmas Concert on Gaydar Radio; so far, no hint of jetlag. Yeay! Got to unpack now. Boo!

Oh yes, and coming along Wimbledon Broadway I was staring out of the window and saw a rather shabby semi-detached house with the name 'Ponderosa' over the door. Wasn't the Ponderosa the big ranch house in High Chapparal or one of the other western series of yesteryear? Somehow the image of the one doesn't fit with the image of the other...

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