Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stardust Lands!

A fairly social day today; my parents are in town visiting my sister so they came over for brunch this morning. We had been invited to join them watching High Society last night, but had declined as it was our one free evening this week. All is well with the family apparently.

After brunch my mum and sister spent the best part of an hour poring over the Landmark Trust handbook that I ordered recently, trying to decide which one(s) they wanted to stay in. In the end, I think it amounted to ninety percent of the properties. That said, I originally got the book with a view to arranging a ‘Country House Weekend’ with a selection of friends and family and haven’t got around to doing anything about it yet, so I need to get my finger out.

This afternoon was more Chorus administrivia, but I also managed to organise dinner with Scott and a poker night for the next two Fridays, so it wasn’t spent entirely working for someone else’s benefit.

Rod and Jess were in Wimbledon this evening, collecting books for their online used and collectable bookshop, so they came over and we went out for dinner at a lovely little Italian place in the Village. We had all of the Christmas and New Year stories to catch up on and inevitably touched on politics, travel and theatre over the course of the delightful meal. Rod is hopefully joining us for poker in a fortnight and Jess will be along two when we get our games night together in a few weeks.

Right off to try and get a good night’s sleep in!

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