Thursday, January 12, 2006

Baronial Turrets

Rather embarrassed myself today; I was sure I was due to be having lunch with someone, but there was nothing in my diary. Having had lunch with my sister yesterday, I called Ping who was another likely suspect but I wasn’t due to meet him so I put the idea out of my mind… and then at about 11:45 I got a phone call from Owen asking if I was still on for lunch. Whoops! (In my defence, he normally sends me an invite via Outlook, so I never put our lunches in my calendar as I end up with two identical entries, but this time he didn’t.)

This evening was another session with the Gay Gordons and it was just as much fun as last week; an evening of enjoyable exercise.

There was also a pleasant half-hour after the dancing at the local gourmet burger joint, where I got to have a Malt Shake (one of my all-time favourite drinks) and Brett got a very tasty and fairly healthy-looking burger! There were other new starters this week too and they were all very friendly. I was particularly surprised to meet Phillip, a guy who runs a kind of mini opera company, who has worked for Saga on several cruises on the Saga Rose. There was also some talk of the Spring Ball where we can show off our steps in a proper environment!

Then home again and to bed.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention earlier; my picture was in the paper! Well, okay, it was the local gay press, so hardly even my fifteen minutes of fame, but I was right at the front of the photo taken at the Gay Gordons last week and published in this week’s Pink Paper. I quite liked it, although Brett complained that it highlighted his bald spot…

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