Monday, January 02, 2006

Butterfingers, Bolognese ...and Apples

Another nicely unstructured day; we started with breakfast at the Waffle House again with Brett’s dad, then Brett and I drove into town to the Apple Store to buy Brett’s Video iPod. Having accomplished the task, we went for a couple of iced drinks down in the gay quarter of town and browsed the local shops.

I found a t-shirt that appealed both to my sense of humour and my vanity (“Evil shouldn’t look this good!”) and bought it, while Brett browsed for a particular movie he was after. We also picked up a 2006 calendar and a couple of things for home. On the return journey we picked up six bulkpacks of butterfingers; a type of confectionary I’ve fallen for while we’ve been here – think of a Crunchie bar, except that half of the Crunchie bit is peanut butter.

When we arrived home Steven was there ripping CDs for his father, having arrived early for the family dinner tonight. In due course all of the other siblings and a selection of nieces and nephews arrived also and we sat down to eat; Spaghetti Bolognese followed by Blackberry Pie and Ice Cream. Yum!

From there we spent the evening playing a game called ‘Apples to Apples’; you get dealt cards with nouns on, someone picks out a card with an adjective on and you put down the card from your hand which you think it best describes. A judge chooses the closest of everyone’s offering and they get a point. It was a fun way to pass the evening, although everyone seemed to home-in on the ‘hate’ part of my ‘love/hate’ relationship with America I am so misunderstood!

I want an early start tomorrow morning to try to pre-empt the jet-lag when we get home, so the alarm is set for 06:00. We’re meeting most of the family again for lunch at the restaurant late morning and then heading straight on to the airport from there.

Finally, I put together a bit of a Family Album from the photos I have taken on the trip. Not all of them are great shots, but at least I’ve got all the adults I’ve been mentioning.

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