Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions 2006

Well, here are our goals for the next twelve months;

  • Save Money. If we are ever going to buy a house together, we need to get a decent deposit saved up. We need to cut down on the extravagances and put the money away for the future: Fewer take-outs, more home-cooking. More cycling, few train rides to work. And renting a cheaper flat when our lease comes up for renewal.
  • Lose weight. Brett is targeting himself to lose twenty-pounds, I just want to drop a few waist inches. Getting into the kilt is harder each time I wear it. Healthier eating/fewer take-outs, plus the more cycling will all help here. We’ve also been invited to join a gay Ceilidh group in London which would be good too.
  • Learn .NET. This one is just for Brett as he needs the certification to find a new job and advance his career. With a bit of application though, it could be done before February!

All my readers are invited to remind/assist us whenever you can. Happy New Year everyone!

1 comment:

John said...

A gay ceilidh group sounds FAB. Is this a private thing or could I come along?