Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chaitin's Construction

Not a bad day today; I slept well, woke up refreshed and had a reasonable day at work, even if it was pretty scattered.

When I left for work, I left Brett going over last minute revision for his Driving Theory test this morning. He was routinely getting 5-7 out of 30 questions wrong on the preparatory tests and was somewhat concerned. In the end he needn’t have worried as he got all 35 of the questions on the real test correct and so passed with flying colours!

His test wasn’t far from Blackfriars so we met up afterwards and had lunch with Scott L from the Chorus; a pleasant meal on Ludgate Circus and then coffee up towards St.Pauls, while setting the world to rights. Amongst other things Scott was worried he was going to win the Chorus’ Slapper of the Year’ award at the Chorus Party this Saturday. Despite giving him lots of sympathy over lunch, I got to thinking later that perhaps he was protesting too much and would actually love the attention of winning such an award (I have no idea what goes on in his bedroom, but he is such terrible flirt he deserves it!) so when I got home I filled out a nomination form and sent it in.

Brett had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon (he’s been having pain in his foot for some time now) and, after giving him a shot of something, the doctor advised him to keep off it for the rest of the day, so we skipped the Gay Gordons tonight and had a quiet night in. (We’re hosting poker tomorrow night, so we actually needed to do some washing of dishes too. Gee, what a cosmopolitan life we lead!)

[For those of you who are curious, Chaitin’s Construction is a real number which is definable but not computable. Wikipedia is such a remarkable resource!]

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Anonymous said...

Try a novel method of driving theory test revision:

The Statto-JTA mock mock driving theory test - see the test the DSA tried to ban!