Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Withdrawl Symptoms

So now I’m paying the price for leaving my packing to the last minute; I have clothes and toiletries enough but what I lack is entertainment. There are no wireless Internet hotspots within range, there’s a network socket on the wall, but no cable, so I can’t get to the Internet. I have nothing to watch on my laptop so I’m stuck with the TV provided by the hotel. Teletext has clearly gone downhill in recent years (the curse of the Internet, I suspect) so I have no idea what is on any channel. It’s all live, so I am watching adverts for the first time in two years (oh, boy! Are they repetitive!) The fiesta ad (“drop everything!”) is really beginning to grate; it’s January, so there must be lots of diet adverts; I see The Daily Mail has given up all pretence of being newspaper and is now advertising itself under the slogan “Get all the gossip while its still hot” and “Because old gossip is no gossip”; the trailer for the new series of '24'(which doesn’t start until February!) is quite stylish, but also being done to death.

On the upside, the dinner provided by Room Service was very good. I stayed here (the Roxburghe, on Charlotte Square) many years ago with US Saga groups and at the time it was a bit of a shabby place catering to coach parties. Since then it has been extensively refurbished and is now quite a smart place catering to businessmen and conferences, albeit with creaky floorboards in places…

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