Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dermot: The Meeting That Never Happened

Ah well, the lovely Rula has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House and the Chorus is sending a group along to do the Little Brother show tomorrow. Because of the short notice (well, actually, no shorter notice than last week when we were going to do the show on Wednesday morning!) Charlie & Zefrog took the executive decision not to use the group who had volunteered to do the show during the week, or to do a very quick mail out for new volunteers, but to select the Small Group (who, unlike the rest of the Chorus, will be free on short notice!?) to do it instead. I’m pretty pissed off as I was looking forward to doing it – I’d have even rearranged my flying lesson so I could do it – but no-one bothered consulting us lowly Chorus members, only the Small Group were worthy of consideration.

I fear this is going to resurrect a lot of the unhappiness which has been bubbling under the surface of the membership for some time; the Small Group are not being used for the purposes for which they were formed (raising money) and instead are getting plum gigs that everyone else dreams of doing when there is no really good reason for it.

You may have gathered I’m a bit pissed-off about this decision.

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